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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 30, 2014 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got the best videos of the day, "right this minute." firefighters rescue wolf pups from a burning forest. >> all of them had porcupine injuries. >> see how they're on the mend with the good folks at the alaska zoo. >> to see the compassion of all the people getting involved, it's very heartfelt. >> a man at a laundromat picks up a little boy. >> is he playing with him? >> no. >> why this low life is using a kid to commit the crime. >> the mystery of what happened to nine college students in the '50s is part of an
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intriguing new documentary. >> russian yetti, the killer lives. >> one expert who takes on the skeptics with hard evidence. >> there's a lot more to this than just the story. >> and a video to make you wonder -- >> what the snap workout is that? >> see the exercise in futility. >> no, he's not. >> more than people were affected by the fire in the kenai peninsula in alaska. that wolf pup only about two weeks old when rescued by firefighters and a biologist. what happened was, they heard some yipping near a break that they had cut and they believed there was a wolf den nearby. the wolf den about ten feet tall. they said once they got a volunteer the female pup walked out on her own. however, somebody did have to go in and go get the four remaining
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live male pups out. they were only about 2 1/2 pounds, a half pound lower than what they should be. all of them had porcupine quill injuries and said they had started to fester. you can see they are getting treated. these pups were abandoned by their parents and the biologists felt these wolf pups needed to be taken in and cared for because they felt that the parents were not going to come back and pups this young will not be able to take care of themselves. they are at the alaska zoo in anchorage. to tell us how the five wolf us. are doing, we have zoo director pat, "right this minute," via skype. tell us what the conditions of the pup are now. they have porcupine injuries and were festering. >> we're still finding porcupine quills migrating out of them. they removed all the quills they saw on the initial physical examination, but some of the quills go into them and are under the skin and then start spoking out. at every feeding, every three
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hours, they're getting a full body check to identify any more quills. >> now, for wolf pups, great caution you take them in. they can be returned into the wild. tell us about the decision to take them in. >> a decision by the alaska department of fish and game. determined the mother moved off. they would be dead by now. we're a transition facility. we have experience in caring for these young animals, seeing to their medical needs and working with fish and game in identifying permanent homes for them to go to. >> what do you have to say to the wild land firefighters who heard the noises and rescued these pups. >> they're awesome guys. responsible, brave, daring, good men that saw this need and stepped in and got ahold of the right people. everybody did the right thing. we're thankful to all of them. >> you seem like you're getting a little choked up. what are you experiencing emotionally right now. >> to see the compassion of all the people getting involved, it's very heartfelt.
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>> this one is really going to make you guys mad. check out this couple inside this lawn dro mat in ohio. the woman is in the back doing laundry. a man with her. and this little boy, looks to be about maybe 3 years old. watch this right here. the man picks up the kid. you're thinking what are they doing? is he playing with him? no. not playing with him at all. he raises this boy high enough so he can reach the cables to the surveillance camera that is inside this laundromat. >> to do what? >> to steal all of the quarters and stuff? >> what would you do at a lawn dro mat. steal people's used clothes. >> what he was after was something behind the employee's only marked door. thinking maybe there was money back there or something. he ended up breaking a lock box, got keys out, managed to open the employees only door, when he got through he realized there's
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nothing here. >> it's not a lucrative place. >> if you're willing to go through the trouble to steal from a lawn dro mat, seems like he would steal from any place. >> and use your child to help do it. probably the most disit turning part. he's willing to subject his child to a life of crime. >> teaching him behavior he shouldn't be learning at such an early age. police are just as perplexed as all of us in terms of what this guy was after. they are looking for him. that's why this video was released, hoping somebody recognizes him and calls police. he is going to be facing breaking and entering charges in addition to possible child endangerment charges. >> this guy needs to take care of his dirty laundry somewhere else. typically when we see video like this from a bicyclist's point of view something horrible is going to happen to the bicyclist. we've seen this video a few months ago. that moped right there, speeds up a little bit. we're watching it because of this.
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>> yep. >> did you see that? >> goes by, snatching of the phone. part of a gang of four guys that were recently caught. this is an update. they went on a spree with that stolen moped and in one case on one day alone, had a total of 10 offenses in a five-hour period. these guys were prolific riding around london just looking for people using their smartphones and tablets and driving by and swiping them like we saw in the video. the guys have been caught. all four received a range of different sentences, the serious, guyetting four>> they . they were out doing no good. they were going to pay for it. >> who's filming it. like a by stander? >> this happened to be a guy riding his bicycle. this video was used as evidence. this guy happened to be riding along and caught that theft on camera. >> good thing the person was
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there. clearly you're seeing the moped, what they kind of look like and looked like a license plate too. i'm sure this was a huge help. a visually spectacular weather event was caught on camera in texas. i can say that because there were no reports of injuries or damage caused by this event. look at this. you've got twin what they're calling tornadoes caught on camera. and look at those little suckers. >> even though they're not doing any harm you would probably freak out and get the heck out of there, right? >> i would not film it. >> you wouldn't stick around. >> i think a lot of people would think that. just run for cover. we have this tornado from another angle. >> oh, see right there. looks like something is being transported from the little, you know, tube as it's coming to her or leaving her.
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>> leaving earth. >> abducted or transplant. >> one is a down, and one is an up. >> it's an up and down. >> alien elevator. that's remarkable looking from that angle. >> isn't it cool? >> so well defined. >> looked like a water slide, actually, if you look at it. >> like a highway that goes up. >> a crazy straw. >> you drive. >> cloud tentacles. >> like a lasso. i could grab that thing. >> like willy wonka's elevator. >> what does this look like. >> it's an elevator. >> the end of this pitch. >> he's known as serious pete and dude can eat like a beast. >> he's going to order one of everything on the $1 menu. >> this is my friend. the ultimate dollar menu burger. >> find out if he's loving it going down all at once. see how some police officers
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offer up their ride to -- >> let the kids climb on the hood of the car and push each other off.
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serious pete is known for one thing. eating a lot. this is no exception. at the mcdonald's drive through
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he's going to order one of everything on the $1 menu. >> okay. >> apparently he's making the ultimate $1 menu burger. he's going to layer all of these hamburgers and the parfait on the dollar menu. >> on top of a cookie. >> cookies. >> how do you eat this? >> you'll see. >> this, my friend, is the ultimate dollar burger from mcdonald's. let's go ahead and give this a try. >> as disgusting as it looks, this is how you eat it. you start at the top, one bite at a time, and work your way down. >> look at the shape of this guy, though. i eat salads and quinoa and i don't look anything like that and he's there munching 40,000 calories of mcdonald's and looks like a house a mountain. >> he is a fitness guru as well in addition to being good at eating. he is actually showing that you can eat whatever you want, but you can also balance it with
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your fitness routine. >> does not look like balance. >> here he is getting to the end. he does obviously need some water, but he does it, he finishes the whole darn thing. >> your ultimate dollar burger from mcdonald's today. >> looks like he's about to fall over. . >> on february 2nd, 1959, nine college students hiked the icy slopes of the mountains in russia and they never returned. th theories about what happened to these students. one of them being maybe it was a yetti. a special on discovery set out to potentially prove that theory. it's called, "russian yeti, the killer lives." i heard about these nine students who had gone to the mountains and never came back. it's awful when you hear how mutilated their bodies were. >> that attack is not human.
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>> they actually found bodies? >> they did find the bodies of the nine students but there's all kinds of evidence that people believe was suppressed. but specialists are now looking at this evidence, looking at photographs, at what was left behind back in 1959. one of the specialists joins us, right this minute. his name is dr. jeffrey professional of anatomy and anthropolo anthropology. welcome to the. >> thanks. glad to be with you. >> do you believe a yeti killed these students? >> i'm not sure what to believe. i had never heard of this prior to the documentary. it's one that has lots and lots of different theories. one of the most intriguing aspects one of the final snapshots taken by one of the victims apparently showed a ghostly figure emerging from the treeline. >> what conditions were the bodies in that backs up the theory of a russian yeti having taken them down or murdered them? >> some people placed significance on the nature of their injuries, skull fractures
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and broken limbs and so forth that didn't have the characteristic appearance of a large predator like a bear. >> after all these years and with all the high-tech equipment what do you say to skeptics who say, how can this be true? how come we haven't found the definitive proof yet? >> all that high-tech equipment is not being directed to the question of whether there's a big foot in our backyard are not. there are no anthropologists, other than just a few of us, who are preoccupied with this question and looking and evaluating the evidence that suggests that there is. i was confronted by one of my past department chairman who said after all, these are stories. >> stories that leaves footprints seen by multiple witnesses. lot more to this than just being stories. >> if you want to watch "russian yeti, the killer lives" watch it on sunday, june 1st at 9:00 p.m. on discovery. when the weather heats up you want to go diving with your friends and it's all fun in that
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spot where you're not supposed to be until the police show up. or is it? this is in denmark. that is a police car that kid is sitting on. >> volkswagen? >> that's the police. >> oh. like a water slide for these guys. >> the police let the kids climb on to the hood of the car and push each other off. >> that is funny. >> this is supposed to be like a dangerous area. instead of yelling at the kid, they said let us help you. >> maybe the officer's last day. you know what, go ahead, do whatever you want. >> patrolling the mean streets of denmark you have to have a way of getting comfortable with the kids. >> community service. >> still a driver in the car too. >> the thing backs up -- >> this is a great way for police to have a great relationship with young kids. letting them push them in there. >> if they were real cool they would set a kid on the hood, drive forward, hit the brakes and launch them forward. >> this guy has a long drive
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down. >> what if you put him up against mini watermelons. >> see how his swing puts the fruit to shame. >> dude gearing up for a stunt but goes wrong when he's -- >> just hit by a big passenger van bus. >> find out how this one was supposed to go down. i'i'm m onon b brereakak s . you know youou d donon't't h ht up with this. .....t.thohosese a annnnoyod symptoms. gegeneneraral l papainin r ree advil, ononlyly t trereatat c crar, bubut t mimidodol l hahas s thte ingredients toto t takake e cacarere o. ..... . anand d fafatitigugue. bebecacaususe e yoyou u dedeses.
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who we're looking at in this video, joe miller, 6'4", 275 pounds. and he's the 2010 longd listen to some of these stats. he can drive the ball 560 yards. >> what? >> he says that his club speed, about -- >> 153 miles an hour. >> think about that. he's swinging that. but what if you put him up against some mini watermelons
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and they've got the watermelons set up on like four tees. boom. explodes these things. >> oh, he's driving the ball into the watermelon. >> into the watermelon. not hitting it with his club. in slow motion it is like crazy to watch. >> it shatters. >> this one is incredible. watch when the ball hits here. >> oh, my god. >> almost see it like in slices. >> like a bullet going through that watermelon. >> yeah. >> it's impressive stuff. look at that. opens up like a flower and then they reverse it and looks like the watermelon spit the ball back. >> like a big shotgun. >> this thing is a promotional video from the european tour. >> can you imagine if that's your human head and you happen to get in the way of this guy's long drive. >> yeah. ♪ >> fluffy bunny cuteness. ♪
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♪ today's darwin award goes to this guy. join the action at a barbecue/party event in new jersey. here's this guy preparing to be -- >> no. >> hit by a bus. just hit by a big passenger van bus. he goes flying into that wall of boxes. buddies jump out. is he okay? >> guys! >> he's good. there he is. a little mad that the stunt didn't go quite right. what was supposed to happen? >> what was that supposed to be. >> the plan was for the van to come speeding in, hit the brakes, and skid to a stop just barely tapping that guy and pushing him into the boxes. when they did their practice run, the grass wasn't very wet. when they tried it for real, the grass was wet.
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the abs brakes on the fan reacting and the van couldn't stop before it plowed into the guy. >> oh, boy. >> he took a hard shoulder. >> like the hulk. >> other people don't even care. other people just have their cameras out and continue to film like a few people run over and check on him. everyone else is like -- >> need some motivation to hit the gym. >> leave it to crossfit papa. crossfit master obviously. >> what the heck is this? >> find out what the heck it's
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when i show you these two fitness videos you're going to wonder, what the snap workout is that. starting with this one. >> no, he's not. >> yeah. enjoying a piece of pizza.
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>> leg curl. is he doing the right thing? >> turns out this is a back extension machine, so maybe he's doing this because he has a bad back. >> yeah. >> and all he needs to do is just -- >> right. >> extend it. >> lay it out. >> take a bite. >> you can tell the dude on force machi another machine saw it and slyly records it. >> living his life the way he wants to live it. >> nothing wrong with that if it makes him happy. >> featured in this video is crossfit papa at the crossfit 46 gym. >> whoa. >> he's got some very interesting workouts. >> what? >> what the heck is this? >> wow. >> incorporating yoga into his crossfit. >> like a med ball in his pants. >> wearing a sports bra as well. >> i must say, his form is pretty remarkable. >> that is offensive. >> wear those pants until he's dead because he can't take them off. they're on. >> what's the point of this? >> fitness instructor so he wants to inspire people to give to the gym and workout and get
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sweaty like he does. >> you want that? >> not really. >> dude. >> this is why you don't wear light gray pants to the gym. >> this has to be a joke. >> a video featuring suzanne. >> like shot for shot, wearing the sam pants. like borrowed those pants from her. >> he copied this basically frame by frame. >> this is not a workout video either. neither of them are. ♪ that's it for "rtm." thanks for joining us everybody. we'll see you next time.
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live from new york city, it's "wendy williams." today, america's favorite mom, patricia heaton is here to dish about "mom's night out." be jerry springer is here to talk about his new show. and plus, all the latest, juicy topics. now, here's wendy. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: thank you.


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